Solid Innovator

“Every  TEAM needs a solid  INNOVATOR”

That’s me. I am that innovator: combining rapid thinking with goal driven activities, in a

Bert Wolters

foto: Huibert Pollmann

critical, analytical and pragmatic way.

As I like a quick result I prefer working on several projects at the same time, in an international setting, thus being able to interchange the results of those different projects. It is important to me that my projects contribute to a growfull world: growth can be possible without consuming more than necessary.

My role in projects is that of coordinator or secretary: innovating, directing and pushing, switching and  supporting: see me as the foundation and lubrication of the team, your solid innovator.

I am a member of he Dutch Association of Inventors (NOVU) and write on a regular basis articles and interviews for their magazine Vindingrijk (Inventive) Read for instance my article on cargobikes:  From 2017 until now I am the chief editor of Vindingrijk. Furthermore I write columns for several religious magazines.

In my spare time I like to work in nature, to run and to make long trips on my road bike.

Bert Wolters actief in De Parkse Gaard

I like to work on new projects.

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